Dear Necessities

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have no idea what this means to me during these troubled times. My writing is getting shaky as I am crying while writing this card. It is so nice to know that there are people out there who care when you feel all alone.

Liz, age 49, Stratford, CT
Thank you so much for caring and looking ahead for women like me who are entering the unknown.

Annette, Goshen, CT
It’s so important to feel the sisterhood of breast cancer survivors.
Natalie, Westport, CT
To know others care is half the battle.

I am actually so amazed by my necessities bag I’m still in shock. I have never had such a gift before which has everything in it you need that you would not think of yourself because until after surgery you don’t even know you need these things, not only that, it comes from special people who have been through this.

Denise, We. Haven, CT
Your kind donation helped make me feel like a person and not just another statistic. After all it’s people reaching out that helps us get through.

Friends, family, and organizations like yours are always the best medicine.

Kelly, Naugatuck, CT
The Necessities Bag was a lifesaver (no pun intended). As any woman who had surgery, I wasn’t prepared for what would happen after . . . Receiving the bag made my surgery experiences less frightening and more comforting. I thank God for people like you.
Patti, Danbury, CT
Dear Ladies, Your kindness is special and so are all of you. I don’t think I could have gotten through it without the Necessities Bag. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

Janice, Tulsa, OK
I am a 38 year old mother to 3 children. My breast cancer was diagnosed through a baseline mammogram. What a shock! I had a bilateral mastectomy and am now going through chemo. It’s been really hard, but the Necessities Bag made me realize that I have the support and love from women who have come through this ordeal. Thank you so very much.

Deb, Stamford, CT
I don’t know how many times I looked at the bag before my surgery to reassure myself that I would have what I needed in the hospital. You helped me feel prepared and in control.

Marsha, Mansfield, CT
I am writing for my mom who received your ‘goodie’ bag. (She can write only little in English.) The items in this lovely bag definitely helped aid her in her recovery—physically and emotionally.

Linda, Jamaica, NY
I was using items that helped and comforted me by someone who had walked in my shoes, who knew what I would feel and anticipated my needs. Someone was thinking about me, about my pain, about everything I would soon face at home.

Donna, Torrington, CT
Every last item was a blessing. I could tell that each one was packed with love and concern.

Deborah, Mamaroneck, NY
Your bag was not only helpful but vital to my recovery! I really hadn’t a clue what I was in for. And none of my reading on cancer or surgery prepared me for the practical challenges of post-surgery, day-to-day survival . In your person-to-person way, you are fighting the ravages of breast cancer right alongside the researchers, physicians, and philanthropists. One person at a time, you are a face of healing.

Rachel, Port Washington, NY
I could hug each one of you!

Susan, North Haven, CT
I am truly blessed that a stranger became a friend in one afternoon. Thank you for making these dark days a little brighter.

Katie, Stamford, CT
Can’t thank you enough for making such a hard time feel more stress free. I had Hodgkins disease in my 20s, breast cancer in my 40s. You are a gift to the world. Thanks!

Jill, Stamford, CT

Thank you very much for the bag full of thoughtful and helpful goodies. Really cheered me up!

Anonymous (sorry not public yet, still in denial)
Your thoughtfulness at this very painful and scary time of my life is beyond words.

Florence, Plainville, CT
Thank you for making me smile again.

Dolores, Bethel, CT
While I appreciated all the gifts that I received from family and friends, your gift was infinitely more memorable in that it was useful. I want to thank you for making my difficult experience more bearable.

Judy, Stamford, CT
When my surgeon presented me with the bag I wouldn’t touch it. I opened it 4 days later. It was so difficult to face the reality that I had breast cancer. I went through everything and I must say it was very helpful and calmed me down. The compassion that went into it is a beautiful thing. A sisterhood I will never forget.
Sheri, Rye, NY
I am 39 years old. I underwent my 2nd mastectomy yesterday. I had my first 14 years ago. Back then, no one told me what to expect, how to feel or how to care for myself. Your Necessities Bag is a blessing. Even though I’ve been through it before, this time was just as scary. You provided me more comfort than you’ll ever know.

Dawn Marie, East Haven, CT